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Genesis Evolution Maxx Bowling Ball Cleaner- 32 Ounce Refill

Genesis Evolution Maxx Bowling Ball Cleaner- 32 Ounce Refill

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Formulated by the man who invented the modern additive lane oil. So he knows what it takes to clean it off. That's the Evolution of the Clean Game.

Extra Strength Bowling Ball Cleaner

We say it's Extra Strength because it's the strongest of our cleaners. Truth is, it just might be the strongest cleaner on the market. The solvent base effortlessly penetrates deeper than traditional water based cleaners, then quickly evaporates to lift and expel lane oils from the surface.

Maximum Strength
Easily removes surface dirt and scuff marks.
Extracts oil from deeper inside the ball.
Helps extend the life span of a bowling ball.
Strong solvent based formula.
Use only in well ventilated areas.
Safe for use on all types of bowling balls.

Sizes Available: 4, 8 and 32 oz. Spray Bottles along with a 32 oz. Refill bottle. The size of this product is shown in the product title. If you are on this page and are looking for a different size, simply search using the product name along with the bottle size.
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Regular Price: $52.95
Sale Price: $44.95
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