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Kaizen by Diandra Athletic Apparel is the hottest clothing line for athletes

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Kaizen by Diandra Athletic Apparel is the hottest clothing line for athletes.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy meaning continuous improvement. When you’re wearing Kaizen by Diandra, you’re improving your mind, your body and your look. Kaizen by Diandra Chicago-based clothing line makes active wear for athletes who crave style as much as they crave victory. A local USA Brand with International flavor. Each of Kaizen by Diandra’s collections are inspired by different cities from around the globe.

Kaizen by Diandra was established in 2006 by Diandra Asbaty, a decorated international bowler who has traveled all over the world and won over 50 medals as an 11 year member of Team USA. Her travels serve as an inspiration for the line, as each individual place a local culture fills her with a passion for fashion.

Created by up and coming designer Kristin Hassan, who recently appeared on Bravo’s “The Fashion Show”, this unique collection is a fusion of Japanese culture and urban sass. Full of sharp lines, bold colors and daring shapes, this contemporary collection is truly a knockout.

Kaizen by Diandra is more about style- it’s about beliefs, thoughts, and ideals. It’s a way of life. And now its a movement. Are you coming with?

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