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Hammer Bowling Balls

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Hammer Bowling Balls has a complete line to choose from.

hammer bowling balls

hammer bowling balls

After countless hours of research and development, the legendary Hammer is back to settle the score. This time, it doesn’t plan to stay in the game – it plans to dominate it.  The new Hammer has set the standard for superiority and produced the most kick-ass products in the industry. Bowling as you know it has changed.

The balls currently in the line for 2009-10 are as follows: Black Widow Bite, Black Widow Sting, Black Widow Clear, Black Widow Pearl, Raw Hammer Acid, Raw Hammer Psycho, Hammer Razyr Black/Red, Hammer Razyr Purple/Red, Emerald Vibe, Cherry Vibe, Onyx Vibe, The Sauce, Hot Sauce Pearl, Hammer Jigsaw, Raw Hammer Burn

RGs and Differentials
To understand SF and ER ratings in the context of RGs and Differentials, think of a car. If RGs and Differentials are the car’s engine, then veneer is the car’s tires.  As a general rule, the lower the RG number (2.45), the quicker the product will pick up its roll. The higher the RG number (2.54), the longer the ball should go down the lane before picking up its roll pattern.

For differentials, the higher the differential number (.058), the greater the overall hook potential. The lower the differential number (.040), the lower the hook potential.

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Hammer Black Widow Sting Bowling Ball is on sale at

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Hammer Black Widow Sting Bowling Ball is on sale at

Hammer Black Widow Sting Bowling Ball

The Black Widow series has been the most successful series in Hammer’s history, and it is still the best selling franchise in the bowling industry. We’re continuing that success this season with Black Widow Sting. Black Widow Sting doesn’t just expand our performance range – it takes a gigantic leap forward in bowling ball motion.

Sting pairs up our proven High Mass Bias Gas Mask Core with a new Black/Blue Violent Flip Reactive coverstock. Bowlers will look to the Sting on heavier to medium-heavy oil, as the Violent Flip Reactive cover is extremely aggressive, and comes sanded at 2000 Grit Abralon. The Sting gives bowlers that signature Black Widow series backend with even more power and aggressiveness.

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